Easy Marketing Ideas to Help You Find & Interact with Customers


Finding customers for your new business is arguably one of the most difficult parts of starting a company. As an entrepreneur or marketing executive, it’s natural to want to lower your marketing costs while actively increasing your company’s revenue. Unfortunately, many marketers fail because their ...

The Benefits of Having a Company Website


‘Do I need a website for my small business?’ This is a question many business owners have asked in recent years, and with good reason. Deciding to invest in a company website is probably the most important, game-changing thing you can do for your business. During their retail forecast survey, Forres...

Drive Online Sales with an Effective Web Design


As a growing business, it’s only natural to constantly search for avenues to aggressively drive sales while still being attentive to customer satisfaction. Because e-commerce sales are expected to generate a whopping $370 billion between now and 2017, a strong company web presence should be a top priority.

In order to maintain a competitive edge in the online world, a web design strategically geared to drive traffic and conversions (while simultaneously promoting a trustworthy brand presence) is the first step.

Today, let’s take a look at four components digital marketing experts look at when creating an effective site design.

3 Critical Steps to Successful Pinpoint Marketing Campaigns


For any marketing campaign to be truly successful, it must be developed for (and broadcasted to) your target demographic. By using pinpoint marketing tactics to reach a strategically selected target audience, businesses can increase their revenue while simultaneously lowering their average acquisiti...

Building an Inbound Marketing Strategy


In 2006, HubSpot coined the term “inbound marketing.” Since then, the concept of inbound marketing has become extremely popular among B2B and B2C companies in many different industries. Why?  Aside from the fact that inbound leads cost (on average) 60% less than outbound ones, studies have also show...

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