The Benefits of Having a Company Website

‘Do I need a website for my small business?’

This is a question many business owners have asked in recent years, and with good reason. Deciding to invest in a company website is probably the most important, game-changing thing you can do for your business. During their retail forecast survey, Forrester’s found that more than 50% of U.S. currency would be spent online. Now that we are halfway through 2016, it’s all too obvious that the internet will continue to serve as a perfect place for companies and their customers to interact with one another. Unfortunately, some businesses have limited themselves by only using social media to create an online presence, and this is a big mistake.

Let’s take a look at how you can improve your company’s sales and brand reputation by discussing the benefits of having a company website:

Create a World-Wide Brochure

One reason businesses decide to start using a website is because it can act as a round the clock portfolio of their prices and past work. Studies have shown that 51% of internet users hop online just to research a particular product or service, making the internet one of the top places consumers go to seek out a company to help them with their needs. But SEO (or search engine optimization) plays a big role in how many leads you generate online. Thankfully with a well-developed SEO strategy, your online leads can generate a 12.6% better closing rate than leads sourced through print or advertising.

Reach More Customers

Just by making the decision to create an internet presence for your business, you gain the ability to reach 2.4 billion people. Granted, a large percentage of those people will not be qualified customers, but by carefully targeting your online marketing campaigns, you can reach a larger number of people for a fraction of the cost. This can be done by publishing blogs onto your website, then circulating that content through your social media channels, e-mail marketing and other types of display advertising.

Become an Industry Influencer

The days of becoming a leader in your industry without a website are gone. Today, customers and influential leaders alike use the internet to share and source information. By building a company website, you can share unique information that positions your brand as an expert and a leader in your subject.

Keep Customers Informed

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a simple way to reach all of your existing customers and keep them informed about policy changes or new products? A company website does just that; by giving you a dedicated space to publish brand-specific information, customers know where to go to find detailed information about your products and services. Use your site to announce things like changes in pricing, improved products or services, special promotions, or simply to request general customer feedback.

Build Business Value

When it comes down to it, the true value in having a company website lies in the way it increases the perceived value of your business. Websites should be considered assets of a business, and are often a key factor in how successful your company will be. Consumers, it seems, are also starting to use websites as a tell-tale sign of how valuable a company is. Companies without a website are effectively neglecting the 69% of Americans shop online each month.

Analyze your Own Company Data

All too often, companies without a website struggle to determine where their leads are coming from and how to improve their marketing approach. With a company site, you’ll have access to detailed data about where your visitor traffic is coming from and what keywords they used to find your business; you can even begin using tools like SEMRush to learn how your competitors are driving traffic to their sites, and where you stand in relation to them.

The benefits of having a company website are absolutely indisputable. As digital marketing continues to grow in the heart of businesses and consumers alike, it’s never been more important to find ways to reach your target audience through virtual channels. Having a well-maintained company website will not only help you build brand value, it will also open the door to more effective internet marketing campaigns. Because a study conducted by Stanford University found that 75% of internet users believe a company’s credibility is directly related to their website’s design, a site that is easy to read, engaging, and full of useful content is a must.   If your business doesn’t have the time or resources to build a high quality website in-house, contact us today for professional help.

If you’re a business owner already using a dedicated company site, let us know how it has changed your business in the comments below!  


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